Thursday, 27 October 2016

Raviv Dozetas - Director and Blogger of Sky Rise Investments

As a director and blogger of Sky Rise Investments Ltd in Bolton, Raviv Dozetas specializes in letting both the corporate and private sectors.

Raviv Dozetas always helps in providing the contract accommodation services to various housing associations and corporate tenants in Bolton.

Raviv Dozetas said that his ensured properties are always maintained and functioning to high levels.

Raviv Dozetas says that his tenants enjoy the long term leases with him along with the best benefits.

Do you need an accommodation services in Bolton, Then Raviv Dozetas said that he is providing the accommodation in Bolton metropolitan university for the students.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Raviv Dozetas Landord

Raviv Dozetas said that common seance approach and direct communication at board room level often creates long term sustainable positions for both landlord and and bank alike.

Mr. Raviv Doazetas said that he like finding the right person or family for the right property in Bolton.

Avail the Housing Aspiration Services from Raviv Dozetas.

Raviv Dozetas is well experienced for nearly a decade with housing aspirations like the salvation army, English church housing group, BRASS (befriending asylum seekers), and other charities.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Raviv Dozetas

Press Release Student designs for a new futuristic link bridge over the River Irwell in Salford, Greater Manchester so impressed planners at Salford City Council, they’re considering building it. Lead by 37 year old Raviv Dozetas, a team of recent graduates from the School of the Built Environment at Salford University, have put their vision linking Peel Park and The Crescent under the planners’ noses – and they like what they see. “We wanted a landmark design that is instantly recognisable, employs the latest construction technologies and is not merely a pass over water but a link between old and new ” said the South African father of seven. Designed to be luminescent in the evening with strobes of light beaming from it, so that it can be seen from the Hilton Hotel in Manchester City Centre, the suspension bridge takes inspiration from MediaCityUK and the legendary Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The undergraduates looked at many factors from the depth of the river, and how the bridge could be supported at road side, to aspects of the park and how it could be transformed by the new access. The design also won the group the annual Hayes Prize for the best final-year research project from the School of Built Environment. “We are very proud to have won this award” says Prestwich based Raviv . “We are delighted to have been recognised for our work and it’s always good to see that people are looking for British talent and world class designs in what is a very competitive market these days, as property becomes the driving force in today’s economy. The School is brilliantly well run, it provides students with the resources to put their ideas in to practice and teaches them a wide variety of skills.” They team used Business Information Modeling to collectively design the bridge. The £200 Hays Property Prize is awarded by Hays Construction & Property (Hays Recruitment) who are the leading recruitment consultancy to the Built Environment in the UK, supplying architectural practices, building-surveying and quantity-surveying firms, as well as public-sector and multi-disciplinary organisations. ends. More Info: Raviv Dozetas: Pictured: Raviv Dozetas on the Bridge in Salford Quays that was one of his inspirations. and Raviv (far left) with two of his team, receiving award from Hays Recruitment.siva